Á la carte

comfort. nourish. restore. repeat.

Our commitment is to serve our clients and provide sound expertise.


Heart of House draws from an extensive network of industry professionals recognized for their exceptional culinary excellence and hospitality expertise.

Research & Development

  • Location Scouting
    Concept and Neighborhood Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Identity Strategy
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Layout and Interior Design
  • Training
  • Vendor Sourcing

Menu Development

  • Food and Beverage Program
  • Menu Strategy
  • Recipe Development
  • Menu Design and Engineering
  • Seasonal Menu Planning
  • Food Styling and Photography
  • PR and Social Media

Training Materials

  • Custom Print & Video Training Tools
  • Employee Manuals
  • Service Training Guides
  • Department Standard Operating Procedures

Brand Identity Design

  • Interior Design
  • Interior Re-design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Identity Refresh
  • Menu Engineering and Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Brand Cohesion
  • Photography and Videography
  • Social Media Marketing

Recruiting & Personnel

  • Discover the Company Culture
  • Recruit Team Members to Fit the Culture
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Temporary or Gap Management
  • Salary Negotiation and Vetting
  • Staff Engagement
  • Human Resources support – ACA, SF City
    Ordinance, Federal and State Compliance
  • Company Culture Development and Mending
  • Manager and Owner Mentoring

Financial Tools

  • Profit and Loss, Sales, Labor, Menu Costing,
    Controllables and Non-Controllables Analysis
  • Help Discover Areas for Improvement
  • Advise on How to Grow Profitability
  • Inventory and Costing Systems
    (Food, Beverage & Retail)
  • Labor Budget, Scheduling, Tracking and Costs
  • Seasonal Sales Trend Guide
  • Secret Shopping


  • How to Analyze Financial Reports
  • In-House Financial Tools
  • Budget Building
  • Training Classes
  • One on One Coaching

Our Experts

  • Sommelier
  • Award Winning Mixologist
  • Cicerone
  • Fast Casual Multi-Unit Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Fine Dining Chef
  • Executive Front Of House Mgmt